About the Art

David Accurso specializes in stippling, a technique in which the artist strategically places thousands of dots that blend with one another to create a desired image. Stippling is oftentimes confused with a similar dotwork technique called pointillism, a style made famous by George Seurat and Paul Signac in the late nineteenth century. The difference between the two techniques lies within the medium used; a stippling artist works with ink while a pointillism artist uses paint. 

Stippled drawings possess an indescribable aesthetic appeal that make the technique unique among all others. However, it comes at a cost. An artist who uses this technique must have a high level of patience and dedication due to the time-intensive work stippling requires. Most of Accurso’s projects require at least forty to fifty hours of stippling, while some have even taken him more than one hundred hours. Nonetheless, David takes pride in the dedication it takes to complete his artwork.